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A Portfolio of Privileges

It’s important to balance business with leisure

The ‘Kalpa – Elite Preference Club’


Is a special Partnership concept which allows a select group of directors and senior local business managers, to make the most of all the hotels facilities and services.

The ‘Kalpa – Elite Preference Club’


This is a corporate program featuring a range of exciting benefits / privileges and the opportunity to stay at a select number of luxury 4 / 5 star hotels.


Whether it’s intended for directors, valued staff or clients, ‘The – Kalpa’ Hotel, Business & leisure Partnership program, offers exclusivity, flexibility and a great deal of enjoyment.

Elegance in Every Corner.

In all our carefully selected 4 and 5 star Hotels

The Club Member Partnership

The Partnership will last for a whole calendar year and entitles the ‘Kalpa – Club Member’ a range of benefits from one nights accommodation, the use of a conference room, gym facilities and spa treatments + ‘chic’ dining in red rosette gourmet restaurants.


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